Nic Long (kitchen) 

Renee Long (service)



A chef for 35 years, Nic trained under Gary Rhodes at Greenhouse and Nico Ladenis when his restaurant, Chez Nico had 3 Michelin Stars. He returned to Sheffield in the early 2000's, working as Executive Chef for Nonna's on Eccy Road. 

From 2006 to 2019, Nic developed award-winning ready meals for M&S.  This role took him to Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, New York and San Francisco. 

Renee spent the last 10 years in the construction industry selling roofs...and the last 13 years eating Nic's food. She will be looking after Dishi customers. 

Why Vegan? 

Because we love plants. 

Why Asian? 

Because it is so tasty, versatile and relies little on dairy. 

Employer Ethos: 

We'll pay any employee the national living wage regardless of age.

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