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Now available Dishi Chilli Oil. Made of rapeseed oil infused with Facing Heaven Chilies, garlic, ginger, shallots, deep-fried peanuts, Sichuan pepper, and spices. Free from gluten, E numbers, and palm oil. 

Chinese provinces name this oil in different ways with endless regional variations. Our oil is most associated with Sichuan providence where it is known as hóng yóu. This condiment has many uses, as a dip for dumplings, a core ingredient of Sichuan classics such as Ma Po Tofu or Dan Dan Noodles, or spooned straight out of the jar over noodles, rice, vegetables, etc. 

Dishi Chilli oil requires refrigeration and has a 1-month shelf life. 

Buy now from our brick and mortar in Kelham Island, Sheffield, or order for delivery from Mealbase. 


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