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MAINS Korean, Persian, Thai  and Chinese

Korean Bibimbap gf 500g £6.95 Mild-Medium 

Korean brown rice bowl with our K-Town Gochujang sauce. 

Short grain brown rice, chargrilled red cabbage, wilted greens, pickled mushrooms, roast pumpkin, Spanish red peppers, and sesame seeds. Gochugaru, organic tamari, maple, and sesame dressing comes on the side to customize the heat level. 


Persian Summer Grains 500g £6.95 Mild

Freekeh [lightly smoked green wheat] and bulgur with fresh parsley, dill, mint, olive oil, and roasted garlic. Topped with English asparagus, broad beans, chargrilled baby gem, and broccoli. Pomegranate and red onion pickle with smoky aubergine, walnut and yogurt borani. 

Thai Peanut Noodles gf 500g £6.95 Hot

Red Thai curry and roast peanut dressing, flat rice noodles, tamarind-glazed tofu, Thai basil with pak choy, green beans, organic carrot ribbons, and crispy fried shallots on the side. 

Salt and Pepper Green Beans with Fried Rice 500g £6.95 Medium-Hot

Wok-fried green beans with green Sichuan pepper, Facing Heaven chilies, and 'mince.' Shitake, leek fried rice with a pot of Dishi chili oil for drizzling. 

SIDES Japanese, Thai

Katsu Curry Jersey Salad gf £3.95 Mild

Peeled Jersey potatoes in our katsu curry house mayo, mirin pickled ginger, furikake and crisp radish. 

Fennel + Tomato Som Tam gf £3.50 Hot 

Seasonal Som Tom of shredded fennel, crushed tomatoes, lime juice, Dishi 'fish' sauce, sliced chilies, peanuts and palm sugar. 

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Strawberries and Meringues for two gf £5.50

Thick strawberry and lemongrass sauce, 120ml Yee Kwan strawberry ice cream, and hand-made meringues (4 pieces.)

Vegan Ice Cream 120ml gf £2.50

Sheffield luxury ice cream maker, Yee Kwan supplies us with her portion pots of frozen dessert. Choose salted caramel, chocolate miso or strawberry. 


Dishi Brew Kombucha 330ml gf £2.50

Lightly sparkling and filled with live good bacteria, Kombucha is a drink made for thousands of years. Dishi uses premium Tea Makers of London tea leaves, organic cane juice and charcoal filtered water. 

Nix and Kix 250ml gf £1.50

A lightly sparkling beverage, not very sweet, instead, full-on flavour with a hint of chili. Low calorie, fizzy and refreshing. Choose a flavour- Mango and Ginger or Blood Orange. 

Organic Karma Cola gf £1.50

Ethical and fairtrade, cola with a soul. 

Sugar Free Organic Karma Cola gf £1.50

Ethical and fairtrade, sweetened naturally, cola for the conscientious. 

Free Star Beer 0% ABV gf £2.50 UK

Free Star is a premium brew, low calorie, low environmental impact made by a unique process whereby alcohol is not created. A gluten-free vegan alcohol-free beer. The taste is refreshing with floral notes and the bottle is rather lovely. 

Free Damm Beer 0% ABV £1.50 Malta

A light lager, with a toasty finish. Great with a spicy meal. 

Duchess Gin and Tonic 0% ABV £2.75 South Africa

Award-winning beverage from South Africa. Tastes like the real thing, but light on calories and a treat for a night off the booze.

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