Vietnamese Lemongrass Noodle
Korean Mushroom Ragu
Saag Tamatar Dhal

MAINS  Vietnamese, Korean, Indian

Vietnamese Lemongrass Noodle gf 500g Medium

Flat rice noodles with a caramel/lemongrass chili sauce. Topped with tofu, spiced cashews, and shredded cabbage, fresh herbs and lime.

(allergens: soy, nuts, sesame, seaweed)

Korean Mushroom Gochujang gf 500g Medium-Hot

Slow cooked king oyster & Shiitake mushroom "ragu," sesame greens, rice noodles

(allergens: soy, sesame, celery, nuts)

Saag Tamatar Dhal gf 500g Medium

Fresh tomato & spinach, cumin, curry leaf, red chili, pickled burnt aubergine raita, chana dall, Hyderabadi rice.  

(allergens: soy, sesame, nuts, ) 

Each Main Meal £6.95

Children's Meal 500g Mild  (All items come separate, as we know kids don't like food touching!)

Organic Japanese Noodles, Organic Tamari & Sesame Dressing, Organic Carrot & Cucumber sticks, Optional Sweetcorn & Edamame. A scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (allergens: soy, sesame, nuts, gluten) 


Add Reusable Children's Chopsticks for £2.50

Thai Sweetcorn Fritters

Thai Sweetcorn Fritters gf serves 2 Medium-Hot

Red curry and Sheffield-grown Thai basil, sweetcorn & jackfruit fritters, wrapped in organic gem lettuce, charred chili dip. 

 (allergens: nuts, seaweed, soy, sesame)

Side for 2 £6.95

SIDES Thai, Fusion

Chocolate Brownies and Salted Caramel Ice Cream serves 2 

Chocolate miso, caramel and pecan brownies with butter salted caramel ice cream.  

(allergens: wheat, soy, nuts, trace sesame)



Sheffield-made Vegan Ice Cream 120ml gf £2.50

Luxury ice cream maker, Yee Kwan's vegan ice creams. 

500ml tubs available in Toasted Coconut £5.50

Straight from Holmfirth, Lick Dairy-Free Ice Cream 120ml £2.00

Dishi Brew Kombucha 330ml gf


Lightly sparkling and filled with live good bacteria, Kombucha is a drink made for thousands of years. Dishi uses premium Tea Makers of London tea leaves, organic cane juice and charcoal filtered water. 

DRINKS natural, vegan and gluten-free

Paisley Drinks Co. Strawberry & Coconut Soda 275ml gf £2.25

Strawberry juice and coconut blended with carbonated water, this is an all-natural beverage made by craft soda company in Paisley Scotland.

Nix and Kix 250ml gf


A lightly sparkling beverage, not very sweet, instead, full-on flavour with a hint of chili. Low calorie, fizzy and refreshing. Choose a flavour- Mango & Ginger or Cucumber & Mint. 

Organic Karma Cola 250ml gf £1.50

Ethical and fairtrade, cola with a soul. 

Sugar-Free Organic Karma Cola 250ml gf £1.50

Ethical and fairtrade, sweetened naturally, cola for the conscientious. 

Free Star Beer 0% ABV 330ml gf £2.50 UK

Free Star is a premium brew, low calorie, low environmental impact made by a unique process whereby alcohol is not created. A gluten-free vegan alcohol-free beer. The taste is refreshing with floral notes and the bottle is rather lovely. 

Free Damm Beer 0% ABV 250ml £1.50 Malta

A light lager, with a toasty finish. Great with a spicy meal. 

Duchess Gin and Tonic 0% ABV 275ml £2.75 South Africa

Award-winning beverage from South Africa. Tastes like the real thing, but light on calories and a treat for a night off the booze.

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